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More and More I Am Yoga Studio is redeveloping into the More & More I Am Wellness Center.  This will allow us to better fulfill our mission of developing

space for mindfulness, health and peace in North Baton Rouge.

Our vision: To provide a friendly, healing, "micro-aggression" free environment

to improve physical and mental well-being, for each one and our community. 

Hatha Class

At More & MORE I AM Wellness, we take an inter-disciplinary approach to helping the mind, body and spirit. providing holistic rejuvenation to refresh the individual and renew the North Baton Rouge community. To promote overall health, beauty, and wellness, we offer several approaches; starting with Yoga, and growing into the practices of: Meditation, Healing and Ayurveda. For the community, we encourage Professional and Business Development, Health and Nutrition, as well as provide safe space for under-heard voices.  

Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting: 

see what More and MORE I AM Wellness Center has to offer you.

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